The idea of OOPSIE is to make it very easy for you to develop and maintain apps in a Big Data environment without knowing anything about Big Data.

With a backend that is capable of handling enormous amount of data and requests from thousands of your customers it requires a lot of maintenance to take care of all that server infrastructure. With OOPSIE this is not true anymore! We do it for you and all you have to do is, without coding, create your cloud backend and swipe a button to have it up running in minutes.

Our first release takes care of your data and we also have a very advanced security/authorization mechanism for your users and also api keys.

With a Big Data enabled environment you will be able to analyze your business and gain knowledge about your customers e.g. The analysis features are soon available so you can take charge of your business at desktop level.

But, why not start store your data in a Big Data maner right now and have the data ready when these analysis tools are ready for you? Using OOPSIE as an operation database backend is perfect for any application, small or big, no idea is too small for a big world!


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