No idea is too small for a big world

Take a look at this great demo showing how one can create a Big Data enabled cloud backend and also make some REST calls from OOPSIE Dashboard. Everything is done under three minutes and thirty seconds!


Cloud Backends with a  Big Data twist

Create cloud backends to a fraction of normal development time and cost. No code and instant deployment with a swipe of a button. Creating an account and start modeling is totally free of charge. Great for anything that wants to store data. Smartphone, IoT, Sensor apps, you name it! With OOPSIE you create Big Data enabled cloud backends for all of your new or existing apps and systems.


  • Tens of thousands req/sec
  • No storage limit
  • API Key and user management
  • Connect with REST API and SDK
  • Fully featured free to use sandbox only limited by storage capacity and api calls

No credit card required!

Better get a solid ship or drown

Take charge of your business

If you don't understand the environment your business executes in then your competitor will. To be able to predict your future and to create your own success you need to collect and process all the information and data that floats around your business. Take charge of your business!

Scale beyond your visions

At one point your app will go viral or your systems will be stressed by load, how do you then handle tens of thousands of users and tens of thousand requests per second? Or, can you imagine how to handle Terabyte or even Petabyte of data? OOPSIE grows with your business demands with no technical hassle at all.

No credit card required!