Soon, soon, .. OOPSIE Sandbox!

Sorry for not posting anything for a very long time but we have been working like crasy to get the Sandbox ready for production. Free of charge to use for anybody! OOPSIE is a cloud application backend platform with a special little twist, Big Data!

With OOPSIE you create cloud backends for your applications with NO CODING AT ALL and you can scale them beyond your visions. With secure user and api key authorization straight out-of-the -box. Why use anything else?

To get a sense of how easy it is to deploy a big data cloud backend with OOPSIE then it is best illustrated by Johan Annerstedt, the guy responsible for our logo. We are so satisfied with his artwork!

Stay tuned, soon it's here!

Please, follow the link below, and do not forget to surf around on his site.

Graphic Designer, Johan Annerstedt

Nicolas GullstrandComment