Updates Available


Several updates have been made to our OOPSIE Sandbox Beta, most of them related to user experience, such as  "In App Help" guiding you through the creation of apps and sites. From the dashboard login page you can now request a new password and also verify your account if you missed the deadline sent to you by mail upon account creation.

Biggest feature is the introduction of template driven app creation, a feature that makes it possible to kick-start your project. You can use the application straight out-of-the-box or continue the design from the predefined and generated apps and resources. We've added som simple template apps so you get a feeling of how important this update will be for you. Soon really useful and more complex apps will be available. But, why not try out our Sensor Template (IoT) and see how easy it is to get all our "things" produce data and push it to a backend that can store your data almost to infinite. You are just a few lines of code from it, we can guarantee you that.

As some of you may have noticed the beta version doesn't allow you to preserve your data when upgrading your application models in a Site, that is really bad, isn't it? Well, as the beta OOPSIE Sandbox is we want it to evolve quickly and get out of this state. Continuous delivery makes it possible to upgrade OOPSIE without affecting your usage of the dashboard and site connections. So very soon, we are realeasing the OOPSIE Sandbox RC (release candidate) which will make it possible for real micro service management and to upgrade your site, and also preserve your data. So hang on there, you will soon get this feature, and the good thing is that you will still be able to use all the design and data you have been created and stored so far.

With OOPSIE your organisation can go Big Data with a few clicks and swipes!

Thanks for using OOPSIE!

Nicolas GullstrandComment