The Oopsie Blog

Hi There!

As the development of our service is getting closer to a beta release we will now start post everything that can be related to OOPSIE and the service we will provide.

Our idea is to make it easy for those who have great ideas but are constrained by the fact that the technology threshold often can be too high. "No idea is too small to be prepared for the great world!" With this we mean that your app or idea should always be able to go viral and scale without any effort from you as a developer or entrepreneur. We will take care of all that so you can put all your effort into your application and focus on function. OOPSIE will scale your application from few users to hundreds of thousands of user without hassle and we will be able to handle thousands of request per minute for you!

We are really looking forward to launch our service!

So, what will be the content of this blog? In the beginning we will post updates about the progress of the development of the OOPSIE service. We will talk a lot about our features and how they can be applied to the real world. E.g. how to connect a wine bottle (not kidding!) or how easy it actually can be to create a backend for sensor data and other IoT devices.

So, sit tight and we will help you change the world of software!