Big Data Definition

Explaining Big Data can be hard, have a look at Wikipedias Big Data page here if you want the long and complicated explanation and definition. However, our vision of Big Data is that it should be simple and available to small and medium sized companies. That means that Big Data in your world should not be complicated at all and should be available for all types of businesses, small or huge, and of course your business. Actually, we want your business to not understand the infrastructure behind Big Data at all! So, what is Big Data in the context of OOPSIE and how can it help your business?

Know Your Business

Today when e.g. social media is getting more important, even for small businesses, how can you analyze all that input that social media feeds create so you can find new trends and customer segments? It's not about customers asking the right questions anymore, it's all about you delivering the right answer at the right time! Can you afford to not enable Big Data?

What if your business focus on home appliances or on health care? Customers want sooner than you think have their homes really smart or have their health checked without the need of going to the hospital. To collect and analyze the data from all these IoT devices will not be easy. OOPSIE can take care of that infrastructure for your business with only a few clicks and drags.

Cool gadgets such as a "connected wine bottle", "smart plant pot" or ...., well, it's up to you. With OOPSIE you scale beyond your visions!



Save it all!

Companies should not choose to store only some data and be forced to reject other data. If you have data then store it all! This because every little piece of information is valid and important facts about your business and can at some point be crucial when your business needs to take strategic decisions. Data is also floating everywhere around your business, produced either by you or by others, like the social media or by people, machines and vehicles in your work flows. You can grab all this information, store it without any technical hassles with OOPSIE and use it later or in real time and save processed data to be used in your business.

OOPSIE is by nature distributed and scalable using Apache Cassandra and Kubernetes. If your business grows OOPSIE grows with it, endlessly. You don't have to think even once on how to store your data. It can grow to Petabyte in size. With OOPSIE you can model your system and application back ends using no programming at all and with a swipe of a button your data can grow enormously and scale beyond your visions.



Take charge of your business

To find bottlenecks in your production lines, predict customer trends, take supply decisions on weather forecast collected from your sensors, enable machine learning then you need to connect the right data to the right analysis methods so you can perform real-time streaming analysis or analyze terabyte of data stored in your business.

In the near future OOPSIE will provide you with out-of-the-box analysis tools and also an infrastructure to handle massive distributed calculations. Well,  we said that Big Data should be easy, don't bother about the latter, OOPSIE will scale to thousand of servers if your analysis requires that, you just have to swipe the button. Take charge of your business!