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Cloud data storage and authorization

Create cloud data storage back ends to a fraction of normal development time and cost. With the free OOPSIE Dashboard you model your data storage and applies authorization rules using fine grained role and permission management.

OOPSIE data storage is big data enabled and is backed by a distributed and highly available Apache Cassandra cluster that guarantees that your data is available and with a read/write throughput of more than tens of thousands requests per second.

OOPSIE API and services are deployed using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters with automatic scaling and container management making sure your data and app back ends always are available.


  • Micro service management.

  • Big Data ready.

  • Resource focused object modeling with built in "Query-per-View" management.

  • Fine grained API key and user management on resource level.

  • Highly available and scalable with no storage capacity limit and hundreds of thousands of request/sec. Backed by proven techniques such as Apache Cassandra and Kubernetes.

  • Java and Javascript SDKs.

  • Fully featured free to use Free Tier only limited by storage capacity and API request.

Better get a solid ship or drown

Take charge of your business!

To fully understand your business massive amount of data needs to be processed. OOPSIE is highly scalable and can store terabyte or even petabyte of data so you can focus on your business logic and create your applications instead of implementing and maintaining distributed server infrastructures.

Scale beyond your visions!

At one point your app will go viral or your systems will be stressed by load, how do you then handle hundreds of thousands of users and hundredes of thousand of requests per second? OOPSIE handles all the masssive scaling automatically for your applications in the background using acknowledged techniques such as Apache Cassandra and Kubernetes.